Monday, October 1, 2012

Twin Peaks Goods

I found this beautiful brooch in a sweet little etsy store. I couldn't love it more. The funny thing is that after looking forward to its arrival and finally getting to wear it, no one got it! Apparently even though everyone in cyber space is familiar with the currently trending David Lynch tv show from the early 90s, people in real life have never heard of it. Hmm.

It's streaming on netflix, btw.


  1. Yes! I love LOVE twin peaks. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I dreamed about Twin Peaks last night. I was in Twin Peaks trying to tell Dale Cooper how everything ends (So I could save him!) and the town thought I was crazy and they put me in the Twin Peaks nut house. *sigh*
    Also... my blog name. ;)
    Love your brooch!

    1. Your profile is hidden so that I cannot see your blog! Link me up!

  3. I like the Diane brooch the best!