Monday, November 26, 2012

Abel's Island

I have a huge reading list and it's mostly political/social non-fiction type stuff. Heavy, right? But when do I ever have time to read? Never, it seems. But over the weekend, I picked up a little book by WIlliam Steig. It's a kids book, Abel's Island. Oh, and it is charming.

Abel's Island is an adventure story about a strapping young mouse in his very prime who is marooned on a wooded island for a year after chasing after his wife's scarf in a hurricane. The vocabulary is a bit beyond Bea and Am, so I sped through on my own. Abel is an Edwardian dandy who has never had to do anything for himself. But on the island? He is on his own. With class and panache, he finds his inner Crusoe.

If you are a fan of The Wind and the Willows, Robert Lewis Stevenson or even the movie Shrek, this book is for you. But don't take my word for it.


  1. I love William Steig and I LOVE that book! Thanks for reminding me of it!

  2. My teacher read this to our class in third or fourth grade and I loved it! When I tried to tell people about it, they'd get it mixed up with Stuart Little, though.

    1. Stuart Little is really good, too. I remember when Mama read that to us. We couldn't believe some of the stuff that happened. We thought those things didn't happen in kids books.