Thursday, November 1, 2012


I gave a great presentation in my Senior design class on Tuesday. It was fun and exciting and my work was spot on. I'm almost sure of my grade. But the client didn't like it as much as someone else's. What can a girl do? 

I'll tell you what I'm doing. Putting on lipstick, curling my hair and watching Rocky Horror Picture Show with my classmates instead of class work. (Our teacher is out of town, but most of us still showed up and some of us went out for lunch together first.)


  1. I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

  2. I love school friends! I love your glasses! I love rocky!!

    1. Thanks! I got 'em from FIRSTPAIRFREE coupon code...

  3. The plan you have right there is most definitely the best plan there is! I now have the time warp and Tim Curry's legs in my head. Superb!

    Alli xx