Monday, January 28, 2013


Beatrice and I have been checking out these beautiful antique dolls from Rogue Retro. The only one Bea likes is the super expensive Madame Alexander one. I like them all. But she says they would be mean to Jane

I just like the idea of a little girl having a collection of lovely dolls. Maybe because I only had Pete and Sarah when I was little. 

I still have Pete. Everyone says he is creepy and ugly, but really he is adorable and it isn't his fault that he is forever mildew stained and it isn't my fault that he spent a year tied to the top of a tree and I couldn't find him.

As long as a doll has a kind looking face, I don't mind at all if her hair is messed up or her dress is torn.

Did you play with dolls as a child? Do you still have them? 


  1. I collected porcelain dolls and I played with my Barbies until I was 14. I might have been a bit socially awkward. I collect Blythes now so I guess I never outgrew my doll phase.

  2. i lovvvvvvvve the second one! those eyes!