Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I applied for the Greenpeace activist training camp. It's in California in March. During a school week. Well, not just any school week; It is the week right after Spring Break.

When you sign up, you choose a track out of four possible study areas: Arts in Action, Climbing, Blockades and Boating. All these are specific protest tactic areas. I chose Arts in Action. You have to put your second, etc. choice as well. But really, if I don't get into my top choice, I won't go. It's too far and too expensive. And Art Activism is my track, so there.

Will you cross your fingers for me? It's a long, time consuming application and then you are told about a possible waiting list. But this girl holds out plenty of hope. :)

Also, I already emailed one of my teachers who not only approved of the idea, but agreed to be a reference on my application!