Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just One Really Good Day

8:30am I woke up and made coffee. A whole pot because two people. I took a shower and straightened my hair, which I never do. (The kids stayed over with their Godsent grandfolks last night so a mama had time for all this.)

9:45 I sat on the couch and did nothing for a while. What?!

11:00 St. Mary's Catholic Church for high mass. It was lovely and just what I needed.

1:00pm I came home to a mostly clean house thanks to my heathen husband. Seriously, though, thank you!

Then I stopped keeping track of time. We went out for a lunch date to India Palace, our favorite restaurant. We tried to go see a movie, but they wouldn't accept the tickets I donated blood for because Bollywood movies are $15 instead of whatever regular movies cost these days. Yeah, we could've gone to something else, but my own life blood is worth more to me than Hollywood. 

So instead we came home and had more coffee. 

I wore this dress to church:

But not the head scarf or cardigan

Then this evening after James got the kids and I put them in bed, I went over to Irene for a glass of wine and Downton Abbey. 

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