Monday, January 7, 2013


The sweater was medium. It was too big. It was made of cotton, so I did what I had to do. The results were even better than expected.

The sweater under discussion is the yellow one. Here it is shown beside a blue one, the original size of the now shrunken one, for comparison. I washed it as usual and put it in the dryer on low heat, delicate. I checked it every 15 minutes until the desired size was reached. 

Now the yellow sweater fits just right. Shrinking it tightened the knit but not too much. Probably because the original knit is too loose for my tastes. I like a sweater to not feel like it's going to fall apart. Even if it is. Hopefully it won't. 

Now it's the blue one's turn.


  1. I always get nervous shrinking stuff!

  2. It's a little embarrassing how many unwashed sweaters I have. I would rather not wash them until they are unwearable than ruin them.