Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Days Like This

Some days are like yesterday and some days are like this. You know, as in, "Mama said there'd be." At least my makeup looked good. If nothing else, I have some small consolation in that. 

(One of my favorite things to do is annoy James by messing up words, switching out letters for other letters to turn the expected word into a similar, but out-of-context word or into nonsense syllables. It is just a silly game. But, due to the fact that I rarely find need of the word "consolation" in conversation with elsewhoms, I have for years used either consternation or constellation in its place. So that I find it difficult to even write "consolation" anymore.)

Back to today. I was in school for almost all of it. And other than that I was driving/dozing. Sometimes one must be excused for feeling spread too thin, yes? It's not that I have too much school work. The load is fairly light so far. I'm working on a podcast for Public Speaking, an edition of linocut prints in one color for Printmaking and I just completed a logo design project for Graphic Design 3. I have some stuff to read, but no other homework between now and Thursday. Oh, and plan my next print. 

I'm not really this pale. I only look like it. 

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