Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The whole point of waiting tables is to earn tips. But I don't get my tips, I only get hourly. So you can imagine the lack of motivation I feel to keep everybody –manager included– pacified at all times. I make Jack Squat.

So I talked to my boss and communicated in the most tactful way possible that I need not only my tips, but documentation of my pay: gross, deductions, etc. (All I get is a handwritten check, normally under 200 every two weeks.)

That was Saturday night.

I'm pretty sure I won't be going back this weekend. I have never been treated as disrespectfully, as degradingly as I was that night. My manager served all the tables herself (effing a lot of stuff up!) on what was a normal (very busy) weekend shift.

I was not permitted to even bring water to the tables. She wouldn't make eye contact with me, would only snap orders.

The kitchen assistant has been shorted a week's pay and the girl who makes drinks just gave notice. She told the boss it's because she has to babysit her brother, but she told the rest of us the real reason: She works 6 days a week and makes even less than I do.

 I have to get out of there!


  1. This situation seems to be a microcosm of society as a whole. The rich and powerful taking advantage of the weak and poor for their own personal gain. When they are confronted with their behavior, they resort to middle school social ostracism.

    I would encourage you to stay and fight for change, but in such instances (as having an unreasonable boss) it would be better to "shake the dust from your feet" and reserve your pearls for a more deserving swine.

    1. deserving swine,
      De-serving swine,
      lol. :/

  2. Get out! Don't work somewhere where they won't even disclose to you what your tips would have been. They're obviously hiding from you what you are due. I hope you find something better!

    1. I think my manager was so nice to me for so long because she was taking me for a rise! As long as she went home with my money, she treated my fine.

  3. Yeah, that is seriously jacked. When you said you "didn't get your tips" I just thought you meant you never knew exactly what they were but they were added to your check or something. That is pretty shabby treatment, you can do much, much better. Any place would be lucky to have you!

    1. Hopefully you are right, Josh. I think this experience will help me get another downtown job. Tsunami???

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