Friday, February 1, 2013

These Days, an appreciation

photo by christi

Stopping for just a minute to realize that these days will pass and my babies will be grown and gone, I will have my degree and be done with school, my husband will have gray hair, more of my siblings will have scattered to the four winds. 

It all makes me really glad for these days. 

These busy, stressful, tired days. These days of unmopped floors and not a single clean dish in the house. These days of dirty laundry used for collecting spilled water from the bath. These days of no food in the fridge except rice and beans. 

These are the good old days, the happy days of baby feet running down hardwood halls. 


  1. Very good point you have here. And an adorable photo.

    Who did the painting?

    1. Thanks. I'm unaware of who did the painting. It was at a local gallery and we happened to be goofing off in front of it. It had a strange, gloopy texture, though. I found it somewhat disturbing. I have a phobia about textures that would be nasty as skin rashes.