Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Action Camp: Next Week!

Action Camp is less than a week away now and I am starting to get excited! Campers got an email today with tons of links. I have so much reading to do! All about understanding how sexism/racism/privilege and divide-and-rule strategies of the 1% play a role in activism.

(That's not the only reading I have to do. James and I are sourcing a lot of books for an info shop we are putting together. Most of the books will come from lists found through ZNet. That's my go-to for leftist reading. They have all kinds of lists so that you can find just the right book depending on your area of interest such as feminism, labor history, race relations, and my personal favorite left program and strategy.)

Besides reading, I have to get ready! This will be the farthest I've been from South Carolina and the longest I've been away from James and the kids. I'm talking to the kids about it so that they know I'll come back and don't think I've abandoned them. But Am just clings to my neck and says, "I wanna go to California." Only it sounds more like, colly-foun-ee-aaaaah, with the emphasis on the last syllable because it is a wail. Poor guy.

Other than that, I am making packing lists and trying not to be nervous about the logistics of cross country travel. Yikes.


  1. So exciting that your trip is coming up so quickly! I bet it'll be just an amazing and eye-opening time. Thanks for sharing your reading link! I've never heard of it before, but it looks super interesting and I'm excited to dive into their lists :-)

  2. Be safe! Have fun!