Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Home Again

I'm back from California! I got back Sunday night, but have been so confused with all that time changing. It's good to be back in the South, back with James and these babies.

I learned so much and gained so much in just one week that it's pretty overwhelming. But s'tch-k because I took mad notes. The entire time. I wrote down everything, even my meals. Well, almost everything. Let's not get boring with our descriptions, right?

My homesickness was only kept at bay by the intense camp schedule and powerful winds of Castaic. It's a really beautiful place and I'll show you pictures later if you want. In fact, I think I will show you pictures over the next few days and tell you a lot about what I learned and how it inspires me.

Here's what I came home to:

Here's what else I came home to: a clean house, a bunch of sweet letters from James, an organized studio, an unrelenting amount of homework and the first Darger Pop show in years on the books for April 19th!

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