Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Not Serving

My recent post about waiting tables has been one of my most-read posts ever here on my blog. I thought you all might be interested to know how it turned out. Did I go back? Did I call and tell them off? Did they call and rudely fire me? Did we all pretend it never happened? Was I paid all my back tips and given a profuse apology?

What happened was much less dramatic and passive aggressive.

After no communication all week, the very day of my next shift, I got a text from my manager, the co-owner, the boss's wife. It was simple.

"Thanks for giving your two weeks notice. However, we've worked it out so you don't have to come in. I'll let you know when your paycheck is ready."


  1. That place has more turnovers than a pastry shop, they will get wise or they will never have a decent staff. I'm sure this eases some of your time constraints but creates a new financial one. I hope you find something more equitable and to your liking soon.

  2. Had you given notice at that point, though?

  3. They're so delusional. Do they actually believe they can operate a business like this? Even the meagre labor laws protecting workers in South Carolina (a "right to work" state) prevent bullshit like this. I hope they go out of business soon. On the plus side, you don't have to serve those privileged asswipes anymore.