Sunday, March 3, 2013


Oh, my dear readers, I need your help. Please share with me your go-to cold remedies. I know it's an incurable illness. I know I have to wait it out. But I need you to tell me that there is hope, that I can do this or that crazy and illogical thing and find some kind of relief. (Like that one I heard about on NPR, the "two hats" remedy. You get a bottle of whiskey and sit on your bed with a hat placed on the foot of your bed. You drink the whiskey until there appear to be two hats. By then, either your cold is gone or you don't care anymore.)


  1. Go to Whole Foods, Garners, or Earth Fare and get yourself some zinc lozengers. Zinc is a colds worst enemy! Also high on my list are colodial silver, olive leaf extract, oil of oregano, and elderberry syrup. Herbal tea and gargling salt water will help a sore throat. Get lots of extra sleep (yeah right), and eat a million fruits and vegetables.

    1. Thanks, Ali. I'll write those down and go tomorrow. James has the day off because he is sick too!

  2. Hot Toddy! Whisky, hot water, lemon and for me :) Get well soon!

  3. My plan with a cold is to bombard it with Vitamin C (so lots and lots of OJ). Also, Dayquil actually helps me quite a bit when I have too much to do to let sickness slow me down. Good luck.

  4. Zicam is zinc and Vitamin C and I love it. I also drink copious amounts of ginger tea to flush all the crud out of my system.

  5. Get clove garlic. Chop/bite into pieces, swallow them. Keep taking garlic until you're over whatever you have. I take Garlic when I have any kind of infection or sickness! -Vic