Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Summer, Coming Soon

It's time to start planning for summer. It's this long stretch between semesters that just evaporates into thin air if I don't have a solid plan. Last summer, I worked on building up my fine art portfolio. I did lot's of art.

This summer, I'm getting a bunch of spray paint...

What are your summer plans?


  1. I plan to film a movie this summer wherein I am a serial killer. So, that is something.

    1. I wish you had done that while you were HERE. Looking forward to it!

    2. Well, I will be filming there, if that counts. :)

    3. Yeah, I mean, the whole crew and cast is based in SC. So, I'll be coming back to film in June for about a week.

  2. Summer 2013 Plans:

    1. Grow things.
    2. Get brown as a result of growing things.
    3. Read everything.
    4. Sing about it all.

  3. I started an herb garden. I have four basil plants. I need to build beds (we have poor soil and have to actually build something) for gardening, but if not I hope to at least have a greenhouse to put my herbs in next winter.
    I also am going to read a lot. And make more shop stuff. And start a blog. And workout every day. I also want to buy some spray paint, dot dot dot.
    Maybe one of these things will actually get done.