Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Going to Visit the Doctor

OK, so my kids don't go to the doctor. Sure if something is definitely, totally wrong they do. But not well checks. They are healthy. I read about childhood health and development and I practice homeopathic remedies as needed. And since we are not vaccinating, they don't really need to go in all the time.

But at first they did. I took Bea to her first few check ups, but around the two month mark, they wheeled in the vaccines on a little cart like it was a matter of course, no discussion. I hated the way I was pressured and talked down to and made to feel like an ignorant, neglectful, bad mother for not wanting that for my child. (Nothing against those parents who choose to vaccinate, but my research has led me down a different path than yours and that's ok.)

Anyway, we didn't go back after that.

With Ambrose, it was pretty much the same because the doctors around here who actually see Medicaid patients are not open to parents' decisions for their own children. They just get so rude! I wonder if they really care that deeply about us poor folks or if they miss out on a fat check for each patient that walks out without a shot? I don't want to make this a discussion about vaccines, but I must say there is something wrong with a for-profit pharmaceutical-medical system effecting our babies and I believe 100% that the current vaccine schedule is too much too soon, while acknowledging the possibility that vaccines have been a great help in fighting the likes of polio in previous generations as well as now in far-off places.

What am I leading up to here?

Bea is going to see a doctor. Her first well-check in almost 4 years. We have found a more open-minded doctor and I am interested in meeting him and I'm slightly curious about how Bea fits into percentiles. Also, maybe it would be nice to have a regular doctor to call? We have the 24 hour nurse hotline, but I never call them. For the kinds of emergencies we have, I call poison control. :P

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