Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jane Austen

When we were teenagers, my friend Kara and I used to plan a tea party. A Jane Austen tea party. A tea party that never actually happened. But we planned it anyway. We planned which characters we would be, what we'd eat, how we would talk, what our frocks would look like. All of it.

Mostly it never happened because we there were only the two of us and we had a lot more reading to do, but also because we didn't have the dresses.

If we'd had this dress, the tea party may actually have happened.

This dress is tattered and charming in equal parts. I love it. And it fits Emma so perfectly! She could almost be, well, Emma.

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  1. I wanted to be Miss Bates, remember? I had even picked up a pair of reading glasses somewhere for the part. I still think I could have made us dresses, but this one is lovely.