Saturday, May 11, 2013


I love this month! I'm just now finally realizing that I'm in it. It takes so long to get used to normal life, life beyond school. Wonder what it will be like when I really am done with school for good? 

So far, my summer break (about a week and half into it, I am) has been completely taken up with childrearing. Some evenings of dressing up and being silly/sake have happened too. And I may or may not have watched all the Avengers movies. Ok, I did. 

For some reason, I cannot seem to just stop and take a rest for even a minute. Believe it or not, I am taking online classes from Skillshare on top of all else. I'm in Illustrative Hand Lettering right now and next up is Hand Drawn Label Design. (By the way, those links provide a discount. So you get half off either of those and I get half off the next class I take.) Pretty excited about the stuff I'm learning. No reason to let one's brain get lazy just because it's nice outside. Learning is a constant.

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