Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Next Door

I love my neighborhood. It is quiet and shady. There are some families with young kids (like us!), but it is mostly older folks, retirees. One family has a pool and they let neighbors swim in it. The lady across the street works in her yard a lot.

I love our house because it is old and full of hardwood floors and charm and big, open rooms. Likewise, the yard is open and flat. Perfect for gardening.

But there's another thing I love about where I live: the house next door. Well, I haven't been in it, so I can't say I love that part, but if it's anything like ours I would.

It's the yard that has me captivated. It is magical. All green and lush and full of soft grass, moss, vines and flowers. I went out there like a creeper and took pictures of it. Mostly over our fence.

It is all enclosed by bushes and trees so that it's like a secret garden.
There are bushes and flowers growing wildly along the front.
Roots like what one might find in the Shire.
Azaleas and moss and clover along the side that touches our driveway. 
There is a nice deck on the back of the house.

Magical, right? That hydrangea bush in the first picture inspired one of my pop songs, "I'm So Jealous of Your Bush." It is amazingly full in summer. Huge blue blossoms.

Anyway, I don't know how this is possible, but the house is vacant. No one has lived there for years! The lights are on and it is climate controlled to preserve it during the disuse.

But now it's for sale.

I hope that someone lovely moves in someday. I hope it is someone who appreciates the grounds!


  1. What a beautiful yard. I'll love a place that's enclosed by bushes.

    1. Yeah and the garden shed looks like a barn. So cute!

  2. I would totally buy that house. Really cool neighbors.

    1. I would love to have you for my neighbor! I would dig an underground tunnel and it would go right to your liquor cabinet.

  3. Mama/Moma/EmilyMay 2, 2013 at 9:03 AM

    The pics are great lily! It does seem magical.

  4. That yard!
    I am so tired of red dirt and people filling in their yards with rocks here.
    Back home everything is lush and green and beautiful.

    1. Oh, it's all red underneath. This is South Carolina. Nothing but red mud.