Monday, May 6, 2013

Rain Break

The weekend was completely gross. It never stopped raining and –if the weather report is to be trusted– we still won't have a sunny day until next Monday! Can I just say something right now? It is hard to be an inside-Mama. It is hard to be cooped up with rambunctious preschoolers for any amount of time, but for an entire weekend? Wow.

It is ridiculous to even think about going out anywhere with kids in the rain. So we stayed here. We made tents and messes and fought and cuddled and read and watched movies and we didn't eat pancakes because I forgot to get butter at the store.

If it is going to be like this all week, I'll probably have My Father's Dragon memorized, my kids will know math (we've been playing number games with black beans), there will be an eternal Thomas ban in our household and I will need a major vacation.

Also, if we're cooped up all week, I will hopefully finish my first Summer class and dive into the next one!

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