Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lesson Learned

James got his birthday present a week early this year. And I learned an important lesson: 4 year olds can't keep secrets. Well, mine can't anyway.

I got James a ukelele and idiotically let the kids see it before I hid it away in the workroom.

That was Friday. We had a busy day and went over to Irene in the evening. We stayed late, drank mint juleps and the kids got good and tired. Messy too. When we finally came home around 10, I stuck the kids in the bath to wear them out a bit more.

James got Bea out of the bath and talked to her about settling down for bedtime. She said,"First I want to play the ukelele."

Said James, "We don't have a ukelele, honey. Do you even know what a uke is?"

"Yes, Daddy," said she. "It's like a guitar, but very little. And we do have one."

At this point, it was getting unfair. She knew she was right and James was saying she was wrong and she was getting mad. So I intervened.

"Bea, if we have a ukelele, where is it?"

"It is in the workroom, but we just have to find it!"

James put her down and she ran out there, but she didn't know where it was hidden. I discretely pointed and she pulled out a uke shaped box! Oh, you should have seen the look on James' face!!! It was so perfect! We all screamed and clapped and laughed.

Now the house is even more full of music. :)


  1. I love it! Best birthday surprise ever.