Friday, July 19, 2013

Amby's Work

My son is so particular about his toys tools. He collects parts and puts them together. A lot of times, he can't get them to go just right and he asks me to "fix it." I have no idea what he wants. This takes up a lot of our time.

This is what he does all day, every day.

Blocks, letter magnets, drumsticks, kazoos, palette knives, kitchen spoons, straws, pipe cleaners. Anything and everything!

He usually carries around a few tools at all times. (If you look closely at the pictures from our recent trip to Paris Mnt., you will see 2 kazoos in his hands!) He even sleeps with them. He has put them together to be longer than he is tall, though mostly they are just the right size to be used as swords.

He came crying because his things wouldn't fit together, 
This is how it looked.
From what he described, this is how I thought he wanted it.
But really the kazoo needed to be wedged in here.
Like this.
Now he's ok with it.

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