Monday, July 8, 2013


this is rad
I started reading Prelude to Foundation by Isaac Asshole Asimov and found it to be totally unbelievable. (Supposedly genius characters putting complete trust in total strangers.) I read the first 50 pages and put it down. I'm used to sci-fi being both gripping from the start and believable given the constraints of the (D)universe.

Instead, I am reading Foundation by the same. (It is the one that was written first in the series, although Prelude is the first chronologically.) This one makes a lot more sense to start with as it does a fairly good job of setting up the universe. (It's kinda like reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe first rather than The Magician's Nephew even though the events in the latter happened first. It seems rarer to have this problem so much these days as series are planned at conception, like Harry Potter as well as that unfortunate series.)

I'm already pretty into it. And really, with the weather so gray and dreadful (as it's been and threatens always to be), what could be better than a good sci-fi story?

Note: I considered titling this post An Exercise in the Overuse of the Parentheses. 

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