Monday, July 15, 2013

Little House, Little Girl, Little Dress

One day last week, I got a wild hair and went up in the attic. I got down all my fabric scraps and found that they entertained the kids for HOURS. While they were thus occupied, did I catch up on chores? Did I do something pressing and necessary? Nope.

I made Bea a dress and pinafore.

Kids need play clothes afterall and she's pretty much outgrown last year's shorts, omg they're tiny! I prefer to avoid normal kids clothes as they are covered with characters and logos. Ugh. So I can go to Buy Buy Baby where they sell adorable gender neutral clothes (see Bea model them here, here and here) for really not that much dollars. But still a lot compared to yard sale prices which are pretty much my speed.

Or, or. Or I can make them Fraulein Maria style from old drapes and bedsheets and requisitioned garments. As I do occasionally for myownself.

So I made the pattern for the bodice out of muslin and fitted it to her with room to grow. A dress and pinafore are perfect for a little kid like Bea. She can play hard and not worry about messing anything up because the pinafore protects the dress and said pinafore is of a patterned fabric. Try getting a stain to show up on it! It's a lot cuter than standard kids' clothes and relates to the book characters she's grown up with from those of Beatrix Potter to Laura Ingalls Wilder to more recently George MacDonald.


  1. Bea's dress is precious! But so are last year's shorts on her tiny round butt!