Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nothing but BS

Baking Soda, that is. Bear with me.

So my sister Emma stopped using shampoo. She's doing the "No-Poo" method. I think that sounds like something gross. It's just baking soda for washing and vinegar for conditioning. Her hair looks amazing.

Now I've joined in. I read up on it. All about how the first few weeks are going to be hell, (so make sure you don't have any big events planned). I haven't noticed any difference except that my natural curl is more pronounced, a welcome change.

But it's weird in the shower. You have the baking soda in a container, right, I use a measuring cup. You get a little in your palm and add water, mixing it up until it gets... slimy. Then you wash, just the scalp. It's just to get the build up of oil away. I'm not sure what you do if you use a lot of product in your hair. I don't. I only wash when my hair gets flat on top from being oily after a few days. It's been a lot less oily since I stopped using shampoo. Anyway, you kinda just scrub and try to get that strong desire for lather to leave you alone.

Then you rinse out the BS and condition with vinegar. I started out using apple cider vinegar. You know that sour smell of laundry that didn't get put in the dryer soon enough? That's the smell that followed me around after the first wash. I'd read that there'd be no vinegar smell. But come on, common sense, folks. If you put vinegar in your hair and let it sit there while you wash? The smell is going to linger.

Now I use regular vinegar with a few drops of eucalyptus oil. It's a lot better.

If you want to try this method, do it! I'm really happy with my clean, fresh, healthy hair. No harsh chemicals (edit: Fewer harsh chemicals in the long run) and no pricey products. :)


  1. You can make your own apple cider vinegar using apple peels. Super easy, just need peels and a bucket. And water. It's great for this and also for any eczema, skin troubles of all kinds, if anyone in your fam has those. I don't notice the smell after my hair dries, but I mix the vinegar with water. I generally do an after rinse with apple cider vinegar but my hair is too tangly not to use conditioner.

    1. Wow, thanks! Bea has some eczema and so far creams have only irritated it further. This will be our next try! :)