Monday, July 29, 2013

This Week :: a link and list post 1

1. Hudson came to town. We all gathered at Irene and ate good food (onion stuffed roasted chicken that Hudson earned for a day's work on a farm, beets, french bread, gazpacho and some cherry tomatoes from our garden). Then, standing around on the huge front porch talking and laughing I thought there were surely enough couples for a dance. We danced this one until my shoes fell apart. Literally. And it was nice to catch up with Hudson. He gave me a really good idea for the upcoming school year.

2. James and I got sucked into Firefly. We did a week-long marathon, watching an episode or two (or three!) a night. Shiny! But it's a gorram shame it got cancelled. Shiong mao niao! (It's not as bad as it could be though, thanks to this.)

3. Summer Project Update: I made three awesome book covers. Th'ain't completely finished, but they are pretty much there. Just some tweaks and off to print!

4. I bought a bikini. It looks like an American flag, it's from Wal-Mart. This is the kind I am used to wearing. Got tired of weird tan lines.

5. Have you looked at my tumblr page lately? I changed it. If you click on a picture, you might see more than is on the main page. Enjoy.


  1. I got sucked into Firefly about a year ago. I miss it. And I cried when we watched the movie.

    1. James found this and we're going to check it out tonight.

      Also, I'm working on Kaylee cosplay...