Saturday, July 13, 2013

True Confessions

1. I don't sort the laundry. 

I don't have time, for one thing. And also, we don't have whites to keep white or brights to keep bright or reds that haven't had a million opportunities to bleed. Our clothes are old. Maybe the previous owners sorted them, but by now they are well broken in. I have to keep laundry as simple as possible... or I simply won't do it.

2. While we are on the laundry thing, I don't fold all the clothes. 

If something of mine is in danger of getting wrinkled, I'll usually just hang it up. Bea's clothes don't get folded because she removes them from her drawers to spread around the room anyway, so that would be a waste of my time. James has his own way of folding and organizing his things so I dont' fold them.  Amby's the only one when gets his clothes folded just because they are so little and cute and they stay in neat stacks in his chest of drawers.

3. I throw away my kids' stuff.

Like, constantly. If you ask me one too many times to fix something? It's disappearing. If I step on it and hurt my foot? Gone. If it makes any kind of annoying sound whatsoever? Well, you get the idea.

4. I delete phone messages without listening to them. 

Most of the time, I avoid the phone. Ignoring calls, opting to facebook people instead of call them. We have a really basic phone without caller ID, so if someone calls and leaves a message, I go into voice mail just long enough to hear what number called. Then I delete it. If I know the number, I might call back. Like if it was James or Mama. That's about it. And here is why: I have small children. It's like some kind of switch that gets flipped in them whenever I am on the phone. They have to interrupt, pull each others' hair, fall from high places, break things. The household dissolves into a pit of tormented screams every time I am on the phone, without fail. It is both infuriating and embarrassing.

Ok, I think I'll stop while I'm ahead. But this was fun, I should do it again sometime. But now it's your turn. :)


  1. 1. I never fold my underwear or socks because why bother?
    2. I do the same thing with phone messages you do because 90% are from the same guy and he never leaves any info besides "call me back."
    3. My way of fixing inanimate objects is to hit them until they work. This is effective 82.7% of the time or I wouldn't keep doing it.
    4. I have a detente policy with spiders in my house: if they stay in corners I never go near and help catch flying pests, they get to live. If they invade my bedroom or spin a web I walk face first into, they die.

  2. Ok, I'll do it too.

    1. I watch bad TV shows before bed. Like... lame sitcoms from the 90's. Currently, it's Frasier. It has to be lighthearted, but not so witty that it takes too much brain power to get the jokes. The whole point is that it is like a chalkboard eraser that wipes away the stress of the day. A full 20 minutes that I don't have to think about anything. If the show gets too interesting or good, I have to find a new one. (That's why I had to give up Arrested Development before bed. I got too into it and couldn't relax!)

    2. I stare at myself in the mirror all the time. You already knew this though. I can't help it. I love beauty. I stare at other beautiful people too. I don't care if they catch me either.

    3. I'm the worst commenter ever. I read a bunch of blogs or diaries online, but I never know what to say. I'm an excellent internet stalker, though.

    4. I hate putting sheets on the bed, so I only wash them like once every 3 weeks or a month. I don't really get why people love freshly cleaned sheets so much anyway.

    Side note: I don't listen to messages 90% of the time either. I just call the person back, because they are just going to tell me whatever it was they said on the message anyway.

  3. My child suddenly becomes the loudest, most needy child in the entire world when I'm on the phone as well.