Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cooperation Bootcamp :: Reboot

Some things started to slip away (cooperation and quiet voices to name a few!), so this week is a reboot edition. Two days in and things are already looking up.

You know how kids are stubborn and think if they ask just one more time, they'll get their way? Well, if you go a whole day showing them that you are even more stubborn... Well, in our case, it gets significantly better. And I'm good at that whole stubborn thing.

It's getting better. (For example, we had more cuddles in the past two days than all of last week combined.) School is starting soon and it's really important that we have these things worked out. It takes consistency and stubbornness.

Today, the kids painted. We had craft paints, not real finger paints. Still, it was a lot of fun. I covered the table with trash bags and let them pick from the four available colors.

Messy hands, messy house, messy bathtub for me to clean up now... But I love their art!

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