Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our Overgrown Yard

We've pretty much given up on our yard. The lawn mower is no match for this summer. The rain has made the yard all soggy and the brush grows up too fast. It gets caught in the mower and chokes it up every two feet.

So instead, it is all wind and free, like Klimt's garden. There are so many spider webs that one can scarcely cross a space of 5 feet without becoming entangled. I can see them from my kitchen window, long diagonals across the width of the yard, catch the sun now and again in a breeze. The garden is overgrown, but somehow still faithfully producing tomatoes and watermelon. Clover and various ground covers now take the place of grass in most of the yard.

I can appreciate a well-kept yard. All neat and even, nice for picnics and lawn parties. But this is beautiful to me. There's so much to explore!

It's taking over the driveway!
There's a wasp nest in the fence. Yikes. 
This is a good 6 inches deep.
Uh, yeah, these chairs need to go.
These flowers are loving this moist, shady summer.
Watermelons grown in red clay. Sweet, if small.
This garden spider is almost 2 inches, including legs.
The kids pretty much stay in the driveway.
Clover, snakeberries and grasses mingle.
The inevitable guest. 


  1. Very evocative descriptions, great job!

  2. That last picture makes me itchy to look at.

  3. SAME. Your photos are always so nice. Maybe you can help me with mine sometime?