Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Week So Far


You know how sometimes you just need to get away? A freezing cold, silent hotel room or a day at the beach without any children...

Over the weekend, a relative said something really hurtful about my house. It's taken me this long to accept that the individual was trying to be ugly, not stating a true fact about my house. My house is fairly tidy. Not pinterest clean, not pinterest decorated. But for no budget, it looks pretty good. And for housing two tiny wild creatures, it's pretty damn tidy

I vacuum and sweep every day and mop, like, once a week! We always have three square meals, 98% of which are planned and made by yours truly. And we always have clean clothes. So there. 

So that happened over the weekend and then today I found out that a really essential graphic design class has been indefinitely cancelled. A class I was registered to take this Fall. Now I have to find another class to make up my hours when that was the last thing I needed. So for years to come, I will have to live with the knowledge that rather than paying off debt for a useful, much needed class, I'm paying off a superfluous waste of time. 

I'm trying to find a way to turn this around, but it hasn't come to me yet. 

It will.

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

I guess the graphic above could be misleading. The relative wasn't my mama. Or my husband. Or anyone in my own immediate family. 


  1. Here's what my some of my facebook friends commented on this post over there:

    Christi Garland: I absolutely love your house! Love!! And yes, things will come around... Or you will. Tis natures way.

    Beth Copelan: Your house is a home. Love and laughter live there with 4 happy, healthy people. Nothing. Else. Matters. And Interface being cancelled is a blessing. You just can't see it yet.

    Ashleigh Brooke Payne: Wait, Interface was canceled? Since when?

    Lily Darger: It's in an email form Nodine. We have to make up the hours and you can sub Directed Projects, Digital Photography or an internship...

    Ashleigh Brooke Payne: Well, looks like I'll be taking Digital Photography, then, since I'm already in Directed Projects. And here I was planning to never have an 8 am class...

    Lily Darger: Who is teaching it?

    Lucy Waggoner Hatfield: Your house is cleaner than mine and I clean tirelessly. And you have two kids. That's like, wonderwoman status.

    Ashleigh Brooke Payne: Michael Dickins is teaching Photography this semester.

    Lily Darger: I often feel that all I do is clean. I get up at 7, fix breakfast and clean while the kids eat. Then I clean them and clean house while they play. I give them snacks and clean them up. Read them stories and clean up the books. Make lunch, then clean the kids and the lunch mess. And that's just the morning. In other news, I haven't found any time this summer for painting or other fine arts. In other news, I drink.

  2. Your house is always inviting and full of the people you care about. Most days that's your family, which includes very small children, so even if it was a mess all the time (which I know it is not), it would still be a well made home.

    As for the lead in picture, I'm so thankful to be married to a man who feels the same way I do about my "dreams and goals!"