Friday, August 16, 2013

This Week :: a link and list post 3

So I just spent a few days at a leadership conference required by University of South Carolina Upstate of one officer per club. (Someone from Club Art and Design had to go or we could jeopardize our funding for the year.) It was held at a Presbyterian Conference Center. There was a church, prayer room, religious artifacts, etc. Is that ok? I mean, I had a great time and learned so much, but I'm concerned about state funding going to a religious institution for a group of people of whom only about 60% identified as Christian.

(Of those non-Christians, this was one. Interesting, eh?)

Ok, moving on. This is a pretty great post about real women.

I love this blog, Strawberry Mohawk. Check out this post about movies for little girls! I got some good ideas here. Ambrose is obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas. The comment section here reminded me of Coraline. I think that would make a good counterpoint. Right?

This article from Vanity Fair is totally fascinating to me. It's from back in, what, March? But I just got around to reading it. Glad I did.

A Nobel for Manning?

And just in case anyone needed a reminder.

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