Monday, September 9, 2013


Here's a great stress relief tactic: draw grumpy faces! I do it all the time and it always cheers me up. The ones that are drawn more or less from life are kinda pathetic, but the ones from my imagination never fail to make me smile. You should try it. 

The last drawing is one of the more or less from life ones. It's a girl in one of my classes who usually smiles, but who has perfectly grumpy slits for eyes. Every time she stops smiling, I start drawing. My sketchbook is going to have that distinctive stalker-ish feel before too long. I oughta just switch to class-clown mode, as per usual. The only thing more fun than drawing is cracking up pretty girls people.

I've been doodling in all my classes this semester. I have to be really discreet in my science class. It is a rather tight room and the teacher can literally see my notebook. She caught me today and added "and some people are drawing" to her sentence about the periodic table. Whoops. But don't worry, I'm totally taking notes and being a good example. As a student leader. With great power comes great responsibility and all, you know. 

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