Friday, October 4, 2013

Family Night

Isobel almost never allows her picture to be taken. Pretty!

I have the most awesome family. I'm sure of it. There are a lot of us, but every one is a keeper.

A lot of Sundays, we all gather at Irene (my folks' house) to break bread and catch each other up on life. This past Sunday, my dad's only sister was in town, so the group was slightly bigger with grandparents and all. We had such a lovely feast after which we sat around with our drinks and sang songs like good Irish folk. The guitar went around and boy did we fill that house right up. We sang our own songs, Irish drinking songs, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Peter Sarstedt.

Those are the good times. I love the feeling of being connected to an amazing group of funny, smart, nice, creative people.

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