Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hummingbirds and Hornets

I've had two memorable dreams in as many nights. 

1) It was a few years down the road. After Beatrice and Ambrose, I had more and more kids. All girls. They were everywhere, with snotty noses and high pitched voices. I did not know them or love them. I couldn't remember their names or when they were born. I was a terrible mother. Nothing really happened in the dream. We were in a house with a lot of stairs. That is all.

2) This dream took place in an apple orchard. I was in the top of a tree. I noticed a hummingbird flitting around the tree, then another. Then I noticed a hornet. It occurred to me that the tree belonged to neither the hummingbirds nor the hornets, but that they both vied for territory. As I looked further around the orchard, I realized that some trees were full of hummingbirds and some were swarming with angry hornets. I was afraid of the hornets and hoped the hummingbirds would win out. That is all.



  1. I totally just pulled this out of my butt using my own interpretations of the symbolism and what I know about you:
    1. You fear that you are taking on so many responsibilities that you cannot keep up with them all. I think the fact that they were all girls with high pitched voices is a reflection of Beatrice being your most time consuming child, and so these children are meant to represent things in your life that are also time consuming. However unlike Beatrice, you felt no love for them which seems to me to be you acknowledging that you have to many obligations and many of them are nothing more than an obligation. That is to say, you don't really care about them.
    Stairs can be daunting and anxiety inducing, just like responsibilities especially superfluous responsibilities you don't care for. The stairs can represent a means to climb high, but the excess could represent a more difficult journey on the way. You realize that you are still going places, but you fear that your obligations might be making your journey a bit harder.

    1. I can actually super relate to what I'm saying, which is probably why I interpreted it this way.

    2. I also find it interesting that in the second dream you weren't a part of the power struggle going on, but just an observer of the struggle to gain power over something that could not be owned.