Thursday, November 21, 2013

This Week :: A Link Post

Man bun plus beard. Just sayin.

1. Georgians Blockade ICE Office!

2. Expecting Goodness. This short film fest is accepting applications. I'm not going to submit this year, but oh boy next year baby.

3. I want to go to bed alone...

4. If you ever wanted to dress like David Bowie, here's your chance.

5. Reverend Billy going to jail? Who will preach the stop shop gospel? YOU and I!

6. I've been listening to Grinderman non-stop this week.

7. Some really good looking advertisements my friend Jordan shared.

8. A really depressing story from this week. Followed by this.

9. I loved showing these awesome monster drawings to my children.

10. This week in my environmental science class, we are learning about earth's crust. And at home. My teacher always asks if I have study tips to share with the other students and I always say flash cards and reading the material. But really it's Bill Nye.

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