Friday, November 8, 2013

Utter Silliness

"The Taurus/Gemini cusp is referred to as the “cusp of energy”. Together these two are vibrant, versatile and prolific. Some have been known to liken this to early adolescent, wanting to do so much and having the energy to do it. Being both Earth and Air, the physical nature of the Taurus side combines nicely with the excitement and constant movement of the Gemini. The desire to do is combined with a thorough thought process and excellent communication. One thing is for certain, this combination loves to communicate.

The Earth side provides stability and self discipline but the Air influence drawn the combination towards behavior that is nowhere near stable and has no real need for any of their ingrained discipline. This leads a Taurus/Gemini combination to be somewhat inconsistent, nervous and very scattered. But in that same breath they can both analyze challenges and communicate them to others easily. They can adapt easily and are highly intelligent but for all their practicality they can be just as over indulgent. Couple the latter with their charm and gentleness and you have someone you can fall easily in love with and not want to let go."

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I'm not really into the zodiac or whatever. But it's interesting and fun to read about one's sign. I was born on the cusp, in the middle of the night, May 20th. I always read just the Taurus stuff and thought, "Yeah, way off, totally bogus." Then I read an article about the love life of a Cancer/Gemini match (James is Cancer) and it was so right on. Unreal. So I started relating more to Gemini. 

What Is Your Sign!? What do you think about it???


  1. I always thought you were nothing like a Taurus. Not hard-headed enough.

    I relate well to my Sun sign, but my moon sign is Aquarius and I relate to that well, also. Since you know your birth time you should do a birth chart! You can find a free one on google. I have a hand written birth chart given to me by my Great Aunt Virginia shortly after my birth. This was before internet really, so she had to do all of the work herself. Her and my grandfather were very spiritual people. They were Universal Unitarians, which I always found strange for two people whose southern and christians roots were far reaching.

    Also, I think the zodiac is super fun. Even if there are good reasons not to believe in it, even if it is technically pseudoscience. Even from that perspective one has to admire the capacity for the human imagination to respond to fear and hardship.

    Personally, superstitions and stuff are so cultural and unite a lot of people. Having spiritual beliefs is a part of the human experience and incredibly good for your health. I would like to say that I don't think it is really hurting anybody to indulge in such beliefs, especially with awareness, but I know that some superstitions and religious beliefs are incredibly harmful.

    1. I just woke up, so I wish I could edit this but oh well.