Sunday, December 15, 2013

Studio Space

A couple of my pals and I are clearing out a warehouse to use as a shared studio space. It's pretty big. The space has been used as storage for a number of years and part of the deal involves getting it cleared out. We don't mind because rent is hellah cheap.

I am so incredibly stoked about this space! I plan to spend lots of time there and do so much work. My main focus will be on screen printing. At first anyway. There are paintings that need to happen, oh, and photographs, a lot of them, that have yet to be taken. There are tableaux-based films that have been fixedly lodged in my head for years and there are tapestries.

Here is one little corner and the next is a photograph depicting myownself (L) and my pretty studiomate (R). All that stuff's the stuff we're clearing out.

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