Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Spending the Night

Our house doesn't do well in this winter storm weather. So I am spending tonight in a drafty old plantation house which is legitimately haunted. It's where I grew up. Irene.

I get the nursery. 

It's sweet, right? Except it's inexplicably the coldest room in the house. And the attic door is in here with me. It won't shut all the way. 

Beatrice sleeps in here. She says the ghosts don't like her, but they are nice to her anyway. Their faces are half happy and half sad. Their eyes are sad. They talk to each other, but not to her. I've heard them.

I shall conduct a proper blackout.

1 comment:

  1. WHAT!???!!!! I am SO scared of attic doors! seriously. growing up we all slept in my grandparents attic-made-into-a-room ... and there was this side door (we weren't allowed to go into) but it didn't shut all the way ... and seriously, to this day I get creeped out when i go up there.
    um, drink that wine girl! and see if you can see those half happy/half sad ghosts!