Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Most Terrifying Moment of the Year So Far

Tonight, James and I took the kids out. It was cold, so we went to Haywood Mall where there's a play area for kids. Beatrice ran right in and James went with her. Amby wanted to explore a little so he and I walked around for a few minutes.

We came back to the play area and James was white and walking in circles around the enclosed area.

Bea was gone. 

We both started searching inside the play area for her. It was really packed and it's easy to just lose sight of a kid for a minute. I thought she was in a tunnel or behind something. That's how it always is. She's never wandered off, she's just hard to keep an eye on at every second.

But then he said that she'd disappeared as soon as they'd gotten there.

It was serious. She wasn't there.

As soon as it hit me that she was gone, a few other parents started noticing and coming up to us. But right then, a mall cop came walking towards us and he had her.

She was so little. And pale. And she had a bloody nose. I could tell she had been crying.

She eventually told us that a kid had punched her and she had run away. She got lost and a lady with some little girls had helped her find the mall cop. We were all completely shaken up. She sat with me most of the rest of the time we were there. And I needed that.

It's amazing how it can seem like everything is moving so fast, but then, in that one moment, it just stops and you zero in on your only priority as a parent.


  1. Oh, Gosh! So happy you'd find her and she was ok and safe!!

  2. big hugs!! this happened to me for about 20 seconds in the laundry mat once. she basically just rounded a corner and my heart almost exploded. traumatic as all heck.

  3. oh gosh, this is terrifying. we have had two terrifying injuries the last couple weeks with redding, which have caused me to doubt how emotionally prepared I am for the next twenty years with these babies.
    so so glad she was ok (but really? some kid punched her? poor poor baby).