Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Love June 10th

Yesterday was rotten. It really was. June ninth is rotten every year because it is the anniversary of my brother's death, but yesterday was extra much so.

It started out a fairly promising day, for a June 9th. I had this job interview last week and yesterday I had a series of assignments to complete within a time frame of three hours as part of the application process. So I was maybe a little anxiety riddled because of that, but it's an exciting thing!

But then this happened. It was the kids' first day at the YMCA day care and they effing lost Amby. They found him (he had gone with a field trip group to a skating rink in another part of the county!) and it all worked out fine. But it's absolutely not ok and the folks there had no explanation. James ended up going to the Y and withdrawing both children from the program.

And then as more of like a minor thing to top it off, I had a somewhat emotional discussion with someone very dear to me about something we don't see eye to eye on. But that's not a negative thing because I think we're better for it.

Anyway, June 10th, I'm all yours!

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  1. I'm glad they found him safe and sound. I'm sorry that happened to you. So scary!
    My brother and I were in the YMCA summer program a long time ago and they took all of us to the beach where my brother and I got second degree sunburns. Because why would adults in charge of us think to apply sunscreen?