Sunday, October 3, 2010

So Little Time

If it seems like all life on this blog has come to a total standstill, I can assure you that real life has continued -at a faster pace than ever. James and I have crammed an incredible amount of activity into the past week getting ourselves and our home ready for a new addition! We literally had the computer OFF for most of the weekend so we wouldn't get distracted.

We have pretty much re-organized, re-arranged and re-vamped our entire home. We made a list and we got an unbelievable amount done! I don't think Beatrice quite recognizes it! (She went to Papa and Moma's for a spend the night.)

Okay, so it's not completely done, but we are moving away from dorm-room, anything goes, browns and reds to clean, modern, black and blues. The things we haven't done yet include replacing the couch and the living room rug. But those are pretty big things and they will require some saving up.

I'm so happy with our progress and I'll post pictures just as soon as I stop long enough to take some!

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