Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dream a Little Dream

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I love dreams. They can be strange and fascinating, beautiful with a bittersweet twinge. They can conjure long forgotten memories or give insight into life events by revealing what's happening down in the subconscious.

I do not often share my own dreams simply because, no matter how fascinating it is to one's self, they say nobody really wants to hear other peoples' dreams. But I do. I love to hear what my friends are dreaming! Especially if I have an idea of what they are involved in during waking hours. It's so much fun to make connections and "interpret."

Hudson shared some of his dreams over the hospital week. They were just as strange as you might expect from him. It surely must be true that the more you fill your brain with ideas, the more ideas will show up in your dreams.

Had any interesting dreams lately?

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  1. I just woke up from a very complicated one. I think it started as me having roommates in college but it turned into me being a kid. I was sharing a room with a little girl and we were on this compound filled with kids sharing rooms. It was very "Lost" in its mythology because we thought the people keeping us were evil, and some of them were. Most of the people we thought of as guards were people who wanted children and couldn't have them for some reason. It was all tied into a Biblical prophecy about the end of the world. We got kicked around a lot (it was a hard knock life) but we also had weird powers like being able to see the history of a vehicle by touching it. We realized one of the more sadistic guards had a family of his own where one of his daughters had lost her limbs. So he stole a kid from the room next door to be his "new" daughter. I think the Biblical Joshua tried to beat me up when I was time traveling at one point. Also, there were dogs with psychic powers.

    Anyway, there was lots of feeling helpless and powerless, which I do right now. The rest? No clue.