Saturday, June 5, 2010

Justus, my brother

Justus just turned sweet sixteen! I can hardly believe it. He drives, he has a job, he a has a girlfriend, he is in the highschool trenches and he's pretty darn cool. Okay, so maybe his hair looks a little funny... or maybe that's just how his head is shaped. Anyway, Justus was my favorite for the longest time. (Not that he isn't now, it's just that I refuse to have favorites.) Justus is the second youngest boy and the third youngest overall. He only gets to boss Raleigh and Emma around. To the rest of us, he's a Little Kid and always will be. Here's a picture of him when he really was little, maybe ten or so:
Here he is bigger:
Just so you know, pictures of this kid are scarce. He avoids the camera like the plague. Probably the whole hair/head shape thing.


  1. I just have to speak up for little Justus here. He has a finely shaped head. There's NOTHING wrong with his head shape! I don't know why Lily is so mean to him. Also, he's a good sport about her teasing.

  2. totally skip me, its cool.