Thursday, June 10, 2010

Problems in the Bedroom

I cleaned our room yesterday. It had gotten so bad that it was hindering other aspects of our life than sleep. It was a mess. It was a disaster and it had never really been clean. Not clean like it is now. The cd rack had become my husband's towel rack. Curlers covered the floor on my side next to the mirror (We don't have an outlet in the bathroom, so I have to get ready in our room...). Three loads of laundry waited at the foot of the bed to be folded and put away. Another basket was full of clothes yet to be washed. There were fabric and thread scraps everywhere. And who knows what else.

The closet was hazardous. A walk-in closet, but you couldn't walk in.

Our room basically looked like your college dorm room during finals right before you get so fed up you just haul it all to the dumpster.


I would post a picture if it weren't so overcast and dark.

Oh, and I organized the linen closet too!

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  1. I just have to say, our room looks GREAT!