Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Ponytail (another hair post)

Now that my hair is long enough, it's pretty much always in a ponytail :(
This is why I invariably end up cutting it. Ponytails are so convenient, yet so boring.
Well, not this one. Messy, bouffant, playful, stylish. This is what I strive for. (for what I strive, you grammar nazis)


  1. Bah! I wish I could make this happen! Between this look and the braids I can't quite seem to do, my hair just seems to be the ultimate fail anymore.
    That's why I end up cutting my hair.....disappointment! :)

  2. I found some tutorials for this ponytail through google and I bet there are video tutorials on youtube!

  3. me too. keep it going and then you can practice some cool braids!