Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Week

...has been full of ups and downs.

A major Up was when we went downtown! I wanted Beatrice to have her first taste of bubble tea:

And she wanted me to taste it, too:

It was a long, long walk from the Hyatt to Falls Park. There where lots of families and lots of puppy dogs! Ambrose rode in the snugli and he wore a handsome bonnet because there was too much sun:

A serious Down this week was hearing Dick Estell on National Public Radio call Nicholas Sparks the world's preeminent chronicler of the human heart, the world's best loved storyteller.

An Up was when Mama watched the kids so that James and I could go our first date of 2011!!! We had a great dinner, some coffee and saw Black Swan. (Loved it! Hope Natalie wins herself an Oscar!)

Down: realizing that I'm not at all happy with my current wardrobe/physical appearance.

Up: deciding that I need a total make-over and starting by ordering an eyebrow kit and shopping for a few select items to get me going in the right direction. I'm really excited about re-inventing myself -and I love having James' full support!

Down: baring my soul to someone close to me over the phone only to find she had the volume up and people were laughing at me in the background.

Up: keeping it real by letting her know how totally not cool that was!

How was your week?


  1. Additional ups:
    Hudson showing up at 11pm with a jug of beer.
    Finding Dune in perfect condish on VHS for a dollar.
    Ambrose finally getting that first tooth through to the surface.
    Getting closer to the dream of owning a house.

  2. Additional Down:
    Lucy and Jake not showing up at 11pm to help drink that beer....