Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Goodwill, Good Lesson

So yesterday, the kids and I went to Goodwill (50% for Veteran's Day- WooHoo!) and Beatrice really embarrassed me. It's probably the first of many embarrassing moments in public with my kids. On the whole, though, I think the experience worked out for the best.

The lady in front of us was a mean, sour, bitter old thing. Making faces and saying negative things and just generally showing a nasty spirit. Well. Beatrice HIT her. Didn't say anything or whatever. Just hit her.   

What would you have done? I apologized to the woman (who asked "Do she don't like me?") and brought Bea back over to stand with me. It took forever to get through the line, but once we were back at our car we had a little talk. 

I told Bea that even when people are mean and sour, we mustn't hit them or be mean back to them. Even if they seem like they need a good whack, we must try to be kind and sweet. We must always maintain our own cheerful disposition, regardless of other people's attitudes. 

And that's what integrity is, right? The quality of being unimpaired by our surroundings. I hope I can take my own advice and be the example I ought to be for her!

Aaaaaaaand here is the dress I found on the dollar rack:

It comes to just below the knees.


  1. Unfortunately I can't offer you any parenting advice but I can say that that's the most amazing $1 dress I've ever seen!

  2. Ha ha, she's like your own tiny private vigilante! I am impressed by her sense of righteousness, and also with the way you handled it :)