Sunday, November 27, 2011

Work In Progress

For my computer graphics class, I am making a lyric book to accompany James' upcoming album, Sci-Fi Mind. Here is some of my work so far. (Story: Nerd boy falls in love with alien girl. Evil robot abducts her. Space chase ensues to a catchy-pop soundtrack.)

There are four more spreads plus the back cover. I am using Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. I've really enjoyed this class and learning these programs! Hope I get a good grade.

This is due on Thursday, sort of. I need my designs finished by then, but the printed and bound booklet is due a week from Tuesday. If you don't see super many posts between now and then, you know what I'm up to!


  1. Lily, this is so amazing that if I try to tell you how amazing it is I will spiral into hackneyed amazing cliches. So just know that it's amazing.

  2. Oh, thank you!! I like to think of this project as my application for a position at Copy Break...

  3. I really like the last one ! Its awesome .. :)