Thursday, May 26, 2011


This website makes me cry: The Burning House. I saw it on free people this morning and had to check it out. Did you lie awake as a kid thinking about what you would grab if your house was on fire? I think everybody must have. I had plans for how to get my 2 sisters and 5 brothers out.

I would run into Isobel's room and wake her. Drag her to the nursery, alerting the boys on the way. Put Emma in Isobel's arms and Raleigh in Hudson's. I would make them all go ahead of me down the stairs so I could make sure nobody got left behind. And we'd all yell for Mama and Daddy. Once we got outside and well away from the house, I'd count. Mama, Daddy, Isobel, Hudson, Cooper, Reuben, Justus, Raleigh, Emma.

But if the stairs were aflame, I had a Plan B. Wake Isobel and go straight to the nursery. Grab the babies and go to the boy's room. Their window isn't super high so we'd be able to make it to the ground, probably with not more than a sprained ankle here and there. Once I got all the kids away from the house, I'd smash through one of Mama's and Daddy's windows and wake them.


  1. I would have only saved my yellow stuffed bunny.

  2. I think I would get the kids quilts and James' new glasses, my computer, my bass, James Christmas guitar, the external hard-drive, oh, I don't know what...

  3. I asked James what he would get (computer and hard-drive) and then I asked Max. He said, "I'm not risking my life for y'alls stuff!"

    Now we know what kind of friend you are.