Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sketchbook Series :: Ink

This summer, one of my main projects is getting together (read: creating) works for my portfolio. At USCU, you have to pass a portfolio review at a certain point before continuing in the program. I haven't been in school taking art classes since like 2003, so do I have any work for this? Nope. I am working from scratch here, folks. I need 12 pieces: drawings, paintings, design work, etc. Basically, I just need to show my skillz.

This is a cross-hatched pen and ink. It is super faded out on my screen. Bad scan? Anyway, in real life it looks more or less killer.

If I don't pass this review on the first go-round I will be so shamed. My friend Beth passed with flying colors her first time and she is three years younger than me.

Oh, the pressure!


  1. Your art is great! Top of the line, like all your endeavors. Your portfolio will be a thing of beauty. Try not to stress.

    1. Thanks, Josh. I appreciate your encouragement! I'm not really that stressed about it. It's coming along at a nice clip. :)

  2. You will pass, probably with higher scores than I. You are amazing. You also flatter me. :)